Lombard One Moose #2350 Lombard WOTM Chapter #1967 Lombard Moose Riders #2350 Lombard Moose Legion #2350
Lombard One Moose #2350Lombard WOTM Chapter #1967Lombard Moose Riders  #2350 Lombard Moose Legion #2350 

  Welcome to Lombard Moose Lodge

We are proud to say we are a family fraternity.


Please join in on the activities to help support the children at Mooseheart and the elderly at Moosehaven and our community.



Monday - closed


Tuesday -  open at 3:00 pm 

Lodge meeting 1st Tuesday of the month 7:00 pm

 Lodge Board meeting 3rd Tuesday of the month  7:00 pm


Wednesday - open at 3:00 pm  

Texas Holdem 7:00 pm

Ladies 1/2 price drinks

Beef sandwich w/chips $6

WOTM meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month 6:00 pm


Thursday - open at 3:00 pm 


Friday - open at 3:00 pm 


Saturday - open at 3:00 pm  

Queen of Hearts drawing at 7:00 pm

Last tickets sold 6:30 pm


Sunday - open at 12:00 pm 


Proud sponsors of Lombard Baseball League



 Hours may change for special events



KIDS events on "coming events" page


Lodge closing is at discretion of bartender - if no one is there they will close early