Lombard Moose Lodge #2350 Lombard Chapter #1967 Moose Riders #2350 Lombard Moose Legion #2350
Lombard Moose Lodge #2350Lombard Chapter #1967Moose Riders  #2350 Lombard Moose Legion #2350 

Friday Night Dinners

We offer some of the BEST dinners in town!  Our members volunteer their time to prepare dinner every Friday Night. Dinners are served at 5:00 pm. Join us for a great meal and company! 



Interested in cooking for us?  Leave a note with the bartender on duty or contact a Board Member


June 16th - Thick cut pork chops w/rice & corn $10 by WOTM


June 23rd - Burgers by the Legion/Lodge $8.00


June 30th - Polish, potatoes & veggie skillet $9.00

   By Marcie for the Lodge


July 7th - Legion/Lodge


July 14th - Sloppy Joes by Riders $7.00


July 21st -  dinner by Laura


July 28th - Pork roast, roasted potatoes & veggie $10.00 by WOTM


August 11th - Riders


August 18th - 


August 25th - Stuffed peppers w/mashed - $8.00 by WOTM


September 8th - Riders


Sept 15th - Legion/Lodge


Sept 22nd - Thick cut pork chops - $10.00 by WOTM


Sept 29th - 

























Support Us

We are a non-profit organization and welcome any kind of support. If you would like to join our organization or learn more about us, please contact us.





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